Ex Minister Kanna Lakshmi Narayana May Join YSRCP

AP political landscape is seriously dynamic and defections seem to be order of the day. Politicians are polarizing between ruling Telugudesam and YSR Congress parties. With Congress suffering from ID crisis its members are looking for better alternatives.


Former Minister Kanna Lakshmi Narayana too joined BJP in the same way. The Guntur man believed that the party would recognize his experience. But BJP itself is having a troubled non existence as a solo party. It is only seen as a TDP ally and not a party.


With no identity in BJP he has remained an ordinary party leader who is not seen as spokesperson. This is prompting Kanna said to look at other options he may be having. With kapu oppression in both BJP and TDP the only door left for the man is YSR Congress.


Jagan led party too does not have any qualms in having Kanna like leader for their party. In fact he will become party’s asset in Guntur belt dominated by Kammas. It will bolster the party in terms of experience too. The writing seems on the card but we will wait for official announcement!


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