Archaeologist Paddayya visits CCVA


The Cultural Centre of Vijayawada and Amaravati (CCVA) is putting its best efforts to safeguard Telugu culture and heritage, Says the global renowned archaeologist Dr K Paddayya. He visited CCVA here on Friday.

CCVA CEO Dr E Sivanagi Reddy explained the activities of CCVA to Paddayya. The activities, including, ‘Preserve Heritage for Posterity’, Art gallery, Sculpture, dance shows, International poetic prism, heritage walk and beautification of city were explained to the guest.

Reddy said that CCVA would always follow advises and references from others to safeguard the ruins of old heritage structures, landmarks, old historic places and sculptures, Inscriptions.

Paddayya complimented Reddy for his efforts. Budha Vihar president G Narayana Rao, representative M Subhakar and Malaxmi properties CEO Sandeep were present.


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