Focus will assistance bothered bean stew farmers Previously, andesite.


Those focus need requested the freedom of the market intercession plan (MIS) for quick impact to assistance bothered bean stew farmers done andesite.

The core will purchase chillies during Rs. 5,000 for every quintal till might 31. Earlier, pioneers Furthermore state funded agents starting with andesite Hari Babu, alongside a assignment for mps from Andhra, Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy, Laxman, President Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) Furthermore Kishan Reddy, the place MLAs from Telangana met union Minister, m. Venkaiah Naidu, asked to as much intercession in the matter.

Naidu convened An gathering with the those agribusiness Minister, authority from claiming AP What’s more Telangana What’s more authorities from claiming focal and state Governments, wherein those emergency might have been comprehensively examined.

Taking after nitty gritty examinations What’s more accommodation of information and statistics, those administration guaranteed that it might come to the salvage of the states under business intercession plan.

Farming worker service declared currently the acquisition for red chillies under MIS plan for both those telugu States.


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