Aaradhya joins Amitabh Bachchan on Sunday Janata Darshan


Superstar greets his fans every Sunday and this time and this time he was joined by his grand daughter Aaradhya and daughter in-law . He told Aaradhya was “hesitant” about the experience. Amitabh Bachchan shared a few pictures of Aaradhya in fan meet on his official blog.

“Furthermore, the hesitant minimal one at long last consents to turn out to welcome the well wishers… in any case, is irritated by the group and concedes she was somewhat reluctant to be up there… her fundamental fascination being her new pet the stray feline whom she has named ‘salt pepper’,” the 74-year-old composed.

The star has likewise shared aphotograph of Aaradhya in which she is playing with her new pet.

“She (Aaradhya) requesting that I pet it and I disclosed to her I didn’t care for felines, so she was astonished that I didn’t… there is another she said… her sister… The feline’s sister… What’s more, thought about whether I would consider preferring the sister… I said no… I think I missed out various brownie focuses from her today,” he composed.


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