4 simple mixed drink formulas that will help you to beat the warmth


What better approach to beat the warmth than make some flavorful mixed drinks at home? (Source: Thinkstock Images)

A large portion of us cherish mixed drinks. The blends taste flavorful as well as even look extraordinary. Be that as it may, maybe on the grounds that the way they taste — idealize, that is, they appear like a ton of work. We tend to fuss over the perfect measure of fixings and it is not by any stretch of the imagination our blame. Be that as it may, the fortunate thing about mixed drinks is they appear to be hard to get ready, and reality’s a great deal more wonderful.

“You require only two fixings to make heavenly mixed drinks lemon and a sweetening operator,” says Pankaj Kamble, Guinness Book record holder and victor of National Bartending Championship. The thing that one must recall before get ready mixed drinks is to blend the non-alcoholic fixings toward the start and include the liquor later. On the off chance that you are worrying about estimations, Kamble demands you require not be. “It’s about how it tastes. On the off chance that it tastes pleasant, it is ready,” he says.

Keeping the two fundamental fixings – lemon and a sweetening specialist set up, here are four simple mixed drink formulas you can get ready at home without a whine.

Bourbon Sour


60 ml bourbon

20 ml lime juice

20 ml sugar syrup

1 egg white

Pineapple juice for the individuals who are veggie lover


*Make a blend of the lime juice and the sugar syrup, and taste and check whether it requires any modification.

*Add the egg white and bourbon.

*Dry shake every one of the fixings in a shaker till it is frothing.

*Add ice in the shaker and shake well.

*Strain the blend on a chilled glass.

*Use some orange peel for embellishing.


60 ml white rum

15 ml lemon juice

2 tsp castor juice

*Add the white rum and put every one of the fixings in a mixed drink shaker. Shake extremely well to guarantee your drink is not weakened.

*Double strain the blend on a chilled glass.

*Use some lemon cut for decorating.


60 ml vodka

3 to 4 lemon wedges

2 tsp dark colored sugar

*Put every one of the fixings in a mixed drink shaker and shake hard.

*Strain this blend in a chilled glass.

*Use a lemon cut for embellishment.

Cuba Libre

45 ml white rum

1 lemon wedge


*In a glass take bunches of ice and pour the rum on it.

*Top it with Coke and include some new lime squeeze in it.

*Garnish with lemon wedge.


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