Venkaiah Naidu congratulates AP tribal understudies who scaled Mt Everest


Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu today congratulated the understudies of Andhra Pradesh tribal welfare private schools, who scaled the universes most noteworthy pinnacle Mount Everest a month ago.

Tending to understudies at a capacity sorted out by the Swarna Bharat Trusts Hyderabad section here, the priest said overcoming Mt Everest is an exceptional and recorded accomplishment and the understudies are motivation for others.

Six understudies of AP Tribal Welfare Residential Schools, having a place with planned standing and booked tribe classes, scaled the top inside 30 days of their undertaking and accomplished their objective on May 13.

On the event, the urban advancement serve reported that Trusts Venkatachalam, Vijayawada and Hyderabad sections will mutually grant a motivation of Rs 3 lakh to the understudies for their accomplishment, an official discharge said.

AP Social Welfare Secretary, Residential Schools, Velugoti Ramulu said the understudies were given a careful preparing at the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute.

Of the six understudies, Vooyaka Krishna Rao and Kunja Durga Rao, both senior halfway understudies of AP Tribal Welfare Residential Schools, are the children of day by day bet, cultivate workers, having a place with planned tribes.

Krishna Raos guardians are farming workers in the Seetampeta Agency territory in Srikakulam area while Durga Raos guardians too squeeze out their living as every day bets.

G Suresh Babu, who vanquished the most astounding crest alongside five others from his state, too has a place with the planned position with his folks being smalltime laborers in their local Pulichinta town in Kurnool area.

Kare Satya Rao of Visakhapatnam originates from a group of anglers and he was supported by the Youth Services Department.

S Nagaraju, from Visakhapatnam, was a marathoner also.

Tammineni Bharat from Kurnool region couldn’t overcome the Mt Everest in his initially endeavor in 2015 as a result of the staggering seismic tremor in Nepal yet this time, as a major aspect of the six-part AP group, he accomplished the refinement.


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