Vijay Mallya offended amid India-SA CL Match


Vijay Mallya amazed everybody with his appearance amid the India-Pakistan champions association coordinate a week ago. Regardless of confronting feedback, The Liquor Baron came to stadium where India-South Africa played the essential knockout match on Sunday.

Serenades of ‘Chor Gaya Chor’ and ‘Chor, Chor’ were raised by the Crowds at whatever point they spotted Vijay Mallya. Mallya thought back when heard these serenades and advanced. This occurrence happened when he was heading towards the Hospitality Box in the stadium. Will there be much more awful affront than this to somebody who once lived extra large life?

The Chairman of now-outdated Kingfisher Airlines has fled to UK after Indian Banks proclaimed him as a defaulter and looked for his indictment over non-installment of Rs 9,000 crore credits. After India looked for his removal, Mallya was captured by Scotland Yard and discharged on safeguard. He is presently confronting removal procedures and could be extradited to India before the current year’s over.


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