Youthful Hero to turn Producer


Natural Star Nani is one of the brilliant performing artists we have in the Telugu film industry. The performer is additionally making arrangements to turn maker now. Previously, Nani put some sum in the film D For Dopidi which did not give enough benefits.

As Nani is going in the fruitful way now, he genuinely needed to make his check in the creation too. Nani is exceptionally enthused about delivering movies having distinctive storylines. Nani needs the story to be amazingly extraordinary. He is not extremely specific about him playing the lead in the movies he will create.

Nani needs to be a maker when he is delivering a film and he is not demonstrating any enthusiasm to act. He is clear of not doing both the things at once. As of now, Nani is in chats with couple of youthful movie producers who are not kidding about making a directional introduction. As of now Nani tuned in to two or three scripts and he will take a choice soon.


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