Apologize for police assault on Dalits: Uttam Kumar Reddy to KCR


Hyderabad: PCC president N. Uttam Kumar Reddy looked for an unequivocal expression of remorse from Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao for the abominations purportedly dedicated by the police against individuals having a place with the SC, ST and other in reverse class groups in Jillella in Sircilla region.

In an open letter on Sunday, Mr Uttam Kumar Reddy claimed that the police had turned to “savage severity against the denied class individuals of society”. The Chief Minister “stunning quiet finished the occurrence is stunning,” he composed.

Coming not long after the binding of tribal designers in Khammam, “this brutal third degree torment of Dalits in police authority in Sircilla shows that Dalits and tribals have no security of their human rights in the state,” he affirmed.

The TPCC boss asked Mr Rao to clarify for what reason were the Dalits kept in illicit care for five days before they were created for legal care. “If not under the directions of IT clergyman and neighborhood MLA K.T. Rama Rao, why police made this outrageous stride of tormenting them,” he inquired.

He charged that villagers were subjected to “wild conduct, unrefined manhandle, unpredictable beatings, terrorizing and other abuse.”

He affirmed that the misuse of police for the sake of standing took after by physical torment by SP Vishwajit Kampati, sub-assessors Ravi and Venkata Krishna and 17 constables “couldn’t be clarified”.

He said this occurred after local people responded to the demise in a mishap of one Bhomaiah, who has a place with the ST (Erukala) people group.


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