Trivikram is my directing power: Nithiin


Gen X star Nithiin claims that pro executive Trivikram Srinivas resembles his guide and rationalist and go-to man. “I approach him for a wide range of guidance when I am bit befuddled and I am grateful to him for listening attentively for my troubles,’ says the performing artist will’s identity found in three distinct looks in his up and coming film “Lie,” “I’ll be found in three unique looks-clean shaven, long and shorter facial hair and it will undoubtedly be energizing for watchers too,’ he includes.

Explaining on the storyline, he includes “I play a slacker person who longs for wedding a young lady from USA and settle down serenely in life, however it is not as simple he considers,’ he calls attention to. On activity succession, he includes, “We shot activity groupings in the midst of 100 flights and furthermore at a clubhouse at Las Vegas and it will be an in fact cleaned performer’, he closes .


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