Zest up your sexual coexistence much?


Things being what they are there is another kind of condom doing the rounds which have made clients end up in a difficult situation. Evidently the new kind of condom by Manforce guarantees to convey a lot of warmth to the room.

The most up to date offering by the brand is a zesty pickle condom with a flavor profile similar to that of an achaar.

Nonetheless, while pickles are a mainstream topping in Indian suppers, the possibility of a condom, may put some potential clients off the thought.

Taking to twitter, a few jokers have shared their desires of what the disputable condom would resemble.

Somebody transferred a photograph of performing artist Kareena Kapoor Khan with stinging eyes, subtitled: “When he utilizes the Achaari seasoned condom without letting you know.”

Somebody even went ahead to tweet that they could never have the capacity to take a gander at achaar and paratha at home a similar way until kingdom come while there was another who said that it could be the ideal approach to control the nation’s populace.


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