VIP 2 motion review: A film strictly for Dhanush fans


Direction: Soundarya Rajinikanth

Cast: Dhanush, Kajol, Amala Paul, Vivekh, Samuthirakani

Dhanush’s VIP was worshiped by everybody for its strong substance and excellent bundling, alongside the on-screen character’s honorable execution of a jobless youth. In VIP 2, story essayist Dhanush and executive Soundarya Rajinikanth hold all the critical characters from section 1, the adorable hero Raghuvaran (Dhanush) who is currently hitched and has work, his father (Samuthirakani), sweetheart turned-spouse Shalini (Amala Paul), sibling (Hrishikesh), associate Azhagusundaram (Vivekh) packed with his most loved Mofa (moped), pooch named Harri Potter and the tent in the porch. Also, Ritu Varma replaces Surabhi.

Section 2 is about the contention between a white collar class structural specialist who works in Anita Construction and Vasundhra Parameswaran (Kajol), Chairperson, Vasundhra Constructions, the greatest development organization in south India. Does it satisfy the desires?

The film opens with Raghuvaran winning the Engineer of the year Award where Vasundhra was likewise present. When she comes to know about Raghuvaran’s accomplishments, she offers him an occupation in her organization, yet the previous rejects saying that his point is to begin his own particular organization with the VIP young men.

In the interim, Vasundhra loses yet another enormous contract to the tune of Rs 600 crores to Raghuvaran due to her haughty conduct. Enraged by Raghuvaran whom she considers like tidy, she begins her filthy session of ruining every one of the organizations of Anita Constructions through her political associations. Raghuvaran leaves his business to keep his manager from being assaulted by Vasundhra. Presently, at the end of the day Raghu moves toward becoming Velai Illa Pattadhari. How with the assistance of his VIP young men does he prevail upon Vasundhra frames the rest.

It’s Dhanush who’s the spirit of the film and his stupendous screen nearness and execution holds it all together. To live in Raghuvaran’s part at the end of the day is a cakewalk for him. Kajol looks rich and suits the part of a haughty, multimillionaire with heaps of disposition. Be that as it may, there’s something that is deficient in her portrayal. Furthermore, her sudden change of heart only for a feeble reason seems unconvincing. One marvels why Amala Paul’s character, which was kind of an inspiring variable for Dhanush, has been made an annoying spouse in the continuation. Wish Soundarya could have formed her character nicerly. Samuthirakani does his part, which is a part inversion – an understanding father here, well. Vivekh and his Thanga Pushpam drama is a platitude. What’s more, the muffles now and again appear to be constrained with some failing.

The pre-interim story is the rehash of section 1 with some fascinating scenes included and is for the most part charming. In any case, post interim, the scenes are unsurprising and the contentions are not sufficiently solid to hold the intrigue. The screenplay could have been lively and energetic. Dhanush has brought the current renowned episodes like the Jallikattu dissent and Chennai surges in to the story further bolstering his good fortune.

One really want to analyze Anirudh’s energetic and enthusiastic music in VIP to Sean Roldan’s in VIP 2. In spite of the fact that BGM is alright, the tunes are just about sufficient. A film entirely for Dhanush’s fans


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