Hyderabad: Journalist hurt in robbery offer..


Hyderabad: A worker and his partner were captured by Rajendranagar police for theft and endeavor to kill the business, a senior columnist, on Tuesday at Budwel.

The captured man Patla Nagaraju, 28, is the hireling and a drain seller, and Kodige Mallesh, 35, a worker. Both are inhabitants of Budwel in Rajendranagar. Naga-raju had been functioning as a worker at V. Shivarama Krishna’s place and furthermore remains with him. Shivarama Krishna is an ex-representative of TV5, TV9 and other TV channels.

“Nagaraju found that his proprietor had money and assets. He examined it with Mallesh with whom he interacted with around three months back. Mallesh consented to murder the man for Rs 1 lakh. From that point forward, the twosome had been watching Shivarama Krishna,” said Cyberabad police chief Sandeep Shandilya.

“On Monday night the two met and expended liquor at around 9 pm and Nagaraju rested at the senior columnist’s place. Around 11:40 pm Mallesh went into the house with a spade and shrouded it toward the rear of the house.

At 2 am, Nagaraju turned off the power supply to the house, which was the signal for Mallesh to assault. Shivarama Krishna left his room to get some information about the power cut and Mallesh hit him on the head and ransacked him before getting away. Nagaraju additionally left the house claiming to be startled and terrified,” included Mr Shandilya.

The two fled with two gold chains weighing around 3.5 tolas, two gold rings weighing around one tola, a silver ring weighing around one tola, an advanced mobile phone, three SBH checks of Rs 4.5 lakh, two limitless tickets to ride, two pass books of ICICI Bank and an ATM card.

In light of a protest from the casualty, police booked a case and began an examination.

As the examination was in advance Nagaraju was secured on Tuesday evening from his home for addressing and he admitted to the offense. He at that point escorted the cops to Mallesh’s home who was leaving to offer the gold and silver decorations. Police recouped the stolen products alongside the spade which was utilized as a part of the offense from him


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