Karnataka Assembly election 2018: New survey gives 113 seats to BJP


Bengaluru: In what is being viewed as a counter to the Congress-authorized pre-survey study by C-Fore that put the decision party ahead with 120-132 seats rather than the BJP getting just 60-72 situates in 2018 races, the BJP has contracted another survey overview organization Creative Center for Political and Social Studies (COPS) which puts the restriction BJP with 113 seats. This is the correct number of seats the BJP had won when it cleared to control in 2008 under the stewardship of previous boss pastor B.S. Yeddyurappa.

COPS has given the decision Congress-drove Siddaramaiah government 86 seats and the JD(S), 25 seats.

COPS directed the study in July 2017, when there was agitation in the waterfront area activated by the charged murder of a RSS specialist by political adversaries which prompted dissents and requests by the BJP for a prohibition on the SDPI and KFD .

The overview expresses that if a survey were held today, the BJP would get a basic larger part.

COPS predicts that the Congress would however win a larger part of the seats in the Old Mysuru locale, winning 21 of 37 situates and could win 16 of the 32 situates in Bengaluru area, leaving the BJP with 14 and the JD(S) with 2.

COPS has however anticipated that the BJP will make a decisive victory in Coastal, Mumbai Karnataka and Hyderabad-Karnataka areas. Of the 40 situates in HK, it will be 25 seats for BJP; in Mumbai-Karnataka, out of 56 seats, BJP will win 36. However in Central Karnataka, both decision Congress and BJP could win an equivalent number of seats.


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