Hyderabad young ladykilled by “lover” who went by her home to support her family


Hyderabad: A day after the deteriorated collection of Chandini Jain was found in the Ameenpur hillocks, police authorities captured a 17-year old, ex-schoolmate and charged admirer of Chandini, on Wednesday.

The middle of the road understudy was a cohort of Chandini at Silver Oaks school from Class VI to X and later joined DRS College in Kompally. As per Cyberabad police magistrate Sandeep Shandilya, the two had a cozy relationship, which she needed to proceed. “The kid saw her being near two others, so he quit conversing with her. After request from the young lady to reevaluate and to keep up the relationship, the couple went to a consent to meet and deal with their disparities on Saturday,” Mr Shandilya said. The kid has been captured and charged under pertinent areas of Juvenile Justice Act.


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