Telangana: Electric shafts influence street development to extend vain


Hyderabad: The spiral street development from Shaikpet to Narsingi region has keep running into discussion once more as the contractual worker has not moved 100 electric posts on the 4 kilometer-long-extend of street. This gross carelessness has brought about a blemish of mammoth extents. The recently enlarged street in the street broadening venture embraced by the HMDA now has electric shafts ideal in the focal point of the street. The said extend, spiral street number 5 which begins from Shaikpet and runs the distance to Narsingi town close to the ORR, crosses the three towns of Manikonda, Puppalaguda and Neknampur where a vast populace of IT workers live.

“In a few ranges the electric shaft is one-fourth into the street, and at different spots it is standing three-fourth into the street”, says Mr Sitaram Dass, President of the Federation of All Colonies Residents Welfare Association.

The botch has now prompted movement growls in the zone. “What was the purpose of extension, if the street can’t be utilized? I have been tweeting to the power office yet they say it is the HMDA temporary worker’s employment. Whose obligation is it?” asks Mr P Ashok. The street has been enlarged to 10 meters with a two-path carriageway.

The development work had started year and a half back however the contractual worker who had been first doled out the employment I exited it mid-path in July. Another individual was enlisted. Authorities now say that in regards to 10 for each penny of the work is left which will be over by month-end. In July, local people living along the 4 km extend had dissented about the moderate pace of work on the arranged four-path street.

In the interim, an authority from HMDA stated, “Once the street arrangement is done, the power group of HMDA will chip away at this. We would not like to acquire a line break as it was the celebration season.”


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